Some people are happy with the look of their cheeks, however, there are others that hate the sight of it and are conscious about the, buccal fat. They often complain about how chubby and round their cheeks are, but there’s a solution that’ll fix the fat at give them back their confidence. They can opt for cheek reduction Thailand.

The buccal fat, that so many hate are the pads of fat are in the lower area of the cheeks. These “chipmunk cheeks” are from many different causes, such as being overweight and a genetic predisposition can also be another cause. Cheek reduction Thailand, also known as buccal fat removal, is a great solution if you want to decrease their cheeks size. The removal of the fat pads may contour the face and slim down the cheeks. This will help you to create the more hollowed and chiseled appearance.

The procedure of removing fat from the cheeks is straight forward, which is preformed by make an cut on the inside of the mouth. IV sedation or local anesthesia can be used and the procedure can last for about an hour. During the recovery time you’ll feel little pain, but the face will seem to be more swollen for about two weeks. It’ll take about 6-8 weeks until you see the final effects of the surgery.

However, before you decide to have cheek reduction Thailandyou need to think about the fact that as you age facial fat will decrease. If your mom and dad have faces that are slender, what you may have is considered “baby fat”. So if you have this procedure done at a young age, and you have the tendency to slender as you age then you might have a gaunt and drawn appearance by the time you reach your early thirties. So think about this getting this procedure closely.

If you want to make sure that you have a successful outcome of the surgery is the selection that you make. There are some people that will gain more advantages from having cheek augmentation including cheek implants. In other, circumstances a person may get more benefit from both, buccal fat removal and cheek implants. You and your surgeon will decide whether you should have reduction, implants or both.

Since cosmetic surgery is so popular, in addition, to cheek reductions, it’s advantageous to do your research and be able to come to an understanding the issues that are involved in the procedure. Such as what the surgery will and will not be able to accomplish, the risk, prices and other important factors involved with cheek reduction Thailand.

If you decide that cheek reduction Thailandis the right choice for you then you’ll no doubt get the results that you want as long as you have realistic expectations of what the surgery can do for you. Once you do understand everything that’s involved with the cheek reduction procedure then you will have slender cheeks that everyone will be envious of.

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Nights in Hospital: 2
Duration of operation is about 1-3 hours and you need to stay in Thailand for atleast 10 days.