For some, they may think that their butts are way to big and wish they can rid of it. On the other hand there are others that what nothing more than to have a bigger and fuller butt, and try everything to gain the appearance of a plumper bottom and seek out buttock implants Thailand. When they undergo this surgery, they can finally have the apple bottom they’ve been desiring.

This surgical procedure, which is also known as gluteoplasty, is designed to reshape the size of your bottom and also create a more firm, and enhanced appearance. Since this area of the body isn’t easily altered by the loss of weight or regular exercise, so this option is worth considering to improve the way your buttocks look. Generally, anyone that wishes to undergo buttock implants Thailand that’s in good physically health can have this procedure done.

This procedure is preformed by using fat. It’s ideal to remove fat from other parts of the body and then injected into the buttocks. The benefit of using this method is that there is a less likely chance that there’ll be a rejection since the tissue that is used is taken from your body. In addition, using this technique can also result in a more natural appearance. The fat that’s used normally comes from the body where there’s extra fat, such as the flank area, upper and lower buttock.

The excess fat, that is moved from these areas can as well reshape your buttock so it likes as if you have had a butt lift. Once the fat has been removed there’s a special process that it goes through and is then injected into your buttocks with a cannula (small tube), which will make for minimal scars. During the buttock implants Thailand, the biggest challenged of the fat grafting is to make sure that the graft is able to survive in the new location.

This can be accomplished by injecting small amounts of fat into the layers each at a time, above and below the butt muscles. Performing this surgery in this matter will result in better blood supply is accomplished and the irregularities of the surface are reduced. Still, the survival of the graft is still not sure. Generally, it’s thought that whatever fat still remains will be permanent.

Normally, after buttock implants Thailand there is no discomfort, however, the pain comes from the incisions that were made in the donor area. Keep in mind that there are risk with any procedure that you undergo, however, the risk for this procedure is minimal. The main risk that you should be aware of is the fat absorption that occurs in about one-third of patients. Infection, scaring and bleeding are rare.

3-5 days after buttock implants Thailand you’ll be able to return to work, but there are special garments that you’ll be required to wear for 3-4 weeks. It might be up to one month before you start to feel normal again. There’ll also be swelling, but that’ll subside in a couple of months.

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Nights in Hospital: 2-4
Duration of operation is about 4-6 hours and you need to stay in Thailand for atleast 9 days.
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